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Victor Bravo Flying is a non-equity group operating a 1998 Piper Archer III PA28-181 G-KEVB 180HP based at Elstree Aerodrome, just north of London. The aircraft has a leather interior and an excellent avionics fit including auto-pilot and mode-S transponder. The 180BHP engine makes the aircraft ideal for touring.

Our sister group Echo Golf Flying offers a a Cessna C172R. This aircraft is a fuel injected 160BHP variant built in 2000. See here for details.

Currently fully subscribed
Piper Archer III PA28-181 G-KEVB Victor-Bravo

The Aircraft

The group operates a Piper Archer III PA28-181 G-KEVB manufactured in 1998. The aircraft has a leather interior and excellent avionics fit, including Bendix King KX165A 8.33kHz NAVCOM, KX155A NAVCOM, KAP 140 Auto Pilot, KLN 89B GPS, KN64 DME, KR87 ADF and Trig TT31 Mode S transponder.

The engine was zero-timed in 2015.

The aircraft is kept on the apron at Elstree to ensure easy manoeuvring during wet weather.



The group welcomes members who have over 100 hours flying experience on single engine piston aircraft and who are able to demonstrate proficiency on type and who have not been involved in any accidents in the last 5 years or have any CAA prosecutions past or pending. You will be required to complete a membership form and take a check flight with the group instructor.

Insurance Excess

If a claim is made on the aircraft insurance policy arising from an incident where in the opinion of the insurance you are at fault as pilot in command of the aircraft we will ask you to cover the insurance excess for the claim. This amount will be £750.

monthly membership fee

A monthly membership fee of £20 is payable by standing order.

Flying charges

Flying charges are £180/hour wet based on Tacho readings. Fuel purchased away is re-imbursed at face value or Elstree prices - whichever is lower.

As a non-equity group member you will not have any responsibility for the maintenance charges for the aircraft.


Flights arranged through Wingly and other flight sharing platforms are not permitted by either Victor Bravo Flying Ltd or by Elstree Aerodrome.

Bookings are made online via the Shlott internet booking system

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Get in Touch

To enquire about joining the group or for any other questions, please contact Andrew McLaughlin on the telephone number provided, or use the contact form to send a secure message.

Contact Number
07956 231 412
Aircraft Location

Elstree Aerodrome,
Hogg Ln,
Hertfordshire WD6 3AW